Reclaiming the Gospel and Reforming Churches

The Southern Baptist Founders Conference 1982-2002

Marking a significant milestone in the history of the Southern Baptist Founders Conference, this book is a compilation of papers presented over the first twenty years of the Conference.

Reclaiming the Gospel and Reforming Churches
Edited by Thomas K. Ascol
©2003 by Founders Press
ISBN 978-0-9713361-1-7
674 pages (hard cover)

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My experience at the Southern Baptist Founders Conference exceeded all my expectations. As a speaker myself, I decided to attend every one of the messages offered at the conference. I can say that every one of them was rich with substance and full of good, humble Christian spirit. In none of them did I say, "I could have been using my time better." This was one of the most content-rich conferences I have ever been to. I thank God for the Founders Conference and what God is doing in this movement to bring refreshment and reformation to the Church.

Dr. John Piper
Bethlehem Baptist Church
Minneapolis, MN

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